Hkds0102s Manufacturer Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Motor Hoist Construction Hoist, Crane, Mini Crane, Double Girder, Md1

Hkds0102s Manufacturer Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Motor Hoist Construction Hoist, Crane, Mini Crane, Double Girder, Md1

     ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPT with One/CZPT Rail Trolley :     

 Specialized In CZPTized Design and style Manufacture
1.. We are Company of ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPT : — High Good quality / High Safety :
  Our Company :ZHangCZPTg CZPT CZPTing CZPT Co.,Ltd is Authentic Manufacturer Manufacturing facility .

2..Basic Description of ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPT : — High Top quality / High Security :

ELK® CZPT Wire Rope CZPT Basic Description:
(1). Goods Title : CZPT Wire Rope CZPT 
Type: HKDS5712
Potential: 2T
Raise Peak: 6m
(2). Content :  Steel
(three). Application : Overhead Crane,Carry Gear,Cargo Lift,Wind Electricity Initiatives, And so forth.
(4). Certificates : CE–ISO–SGS
(5). Model Brand : ELK or CZPTized your logo
(6). Packing Types : Plywood cases (No Want Fumigation)
(7). Packing Measurement:L*W*H cm : Pls Ref. Under CZPT Table
(8). Packing Weights : Pls Ref. Below CZPT Desk
(9). Shipping Time : Inside 10 Times—-20 Days
(10). Work Class : M5=H4=2M
(eleven). Ranking : 30min
(12). High quality Warranty : two Years

three..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPTs Positive aspects: — High Good quality / High Basic safety : 

       ELK® CZPT Wire Rope CZPT (New Variety)Advantages :
Rigorous Inspection CZPTs all areas are Car-Tested by planet Initial-class Check Device
Safety&Dependability Delicate Steady CZPT Brakings Device–  With  Thermal Protector
Defending Device–CZPT Limit Switches are made by Best Processing Technic in China Lowest Fix Charge
Wire Ropes  Sturdy Durable Scientific Designing Wire Ropes are In no way to be Intertwined
Ideal CZPTs             All CZPTs System(Schneider/Shihlin/Delixi brands) we use This kind of as Cables ,AC Contactors, Transformers,Press Button Change are created skillfully by Very best Renowned CZPTs Manufacturing facility in China with ISO or CE CZPT Certificates
Compact Shape   Strong,Compact ,Dustproof StructureMore than 3 times Polishing Procedures to Preserve Clean & CZPT Surface area
Unique Motor   Technic      With Thermal ProtectorMotors Coils are special manufactured by hand in our very own manufacturing unit by Unique Processing Technic Keep Super Quiet Voice and Long Provider LifeEasy Heat Dissipation
Greatest Precision      Grinding Gears via Heat-treatingGear Box & Rotors are Skillfully Processed With Grease Lubricating Program Specifically Processed Forging Strong Hooks  .
Ideal Painting    CZPTs Surface area is 3 Layers of Stoving Varnish Painting by Best Painting Technic to keep  CZPT and Resilient .
Nut,Screw,Bolt   ELK CZPTs all Nuts ,Screws and Bolts are processed by most advanced technic:Strong/Tough/Neat.
Cost Efficiency Insist on the Most  Favorable Cost and Optimum Quality Guarantee to every our consumers .

four..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPT with Single/CZPT Rail Trolley— Specification Parameters Table :

(one).one: HKDS — Solitary Rail Variety : Element 1
Product HKDS5712 HKDS5712 HKDS0302 HKDS5714 HKDS0304
Capacity(T) 1T 2T 3T 2T 3T
Raise Top12m 6mVelocity  (m/min) 50Hz eleven 6 or eight.4 seven.five six or eight.4 7.five
60Hz 13 seven or 10 9 7 or 10 nine
Motor Electrical power(Kw) 50Hz three three five.5 three 5.5
60Hz 3 three 5.five three 5.5
Rotation Speed (1)50Hz:1380 r/min (2)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Present 6.forty four six.forty four 12.eight six.forty four 12.8
Motor Poles 4 4 4 four four
Single Rail Trolley Velocity  (m/min) 50Hz 1421 fourteen21 fourteen1421 fourteen21
60Hz sixteen25 16twenty five 16twenty five sixteentwenty five sixteentwenty five
Motor Electrical power(Kw) 50Hz .four .4 .four .4 .four
60Hz .4 .4 .four .four .four
Rotation Velocity (1)50Hz:1380 r/min (two)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Existing one.5 1.5 one.five 1.five 1.five
Motor Poles 4 four 4 four four
Min. Curve Radius(m) one.5 one.eight two 1.8 2
Wire Rope Rope Fall No.(Pcs.) one/two one/two one/2 two/4 two/4
Composition 6x(19)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(19)+FC 6x(37)+FC
Dia.(mm) Ø8 Ø12 Ø14 Ø8 Ø10
Voltage/Period/Frequency 200V–600V/3Phase/50Hz or 60Hz Manage Voltage:36V/48V/110V
Work Course M4
(1).2: HKDS — Solitary Rail Kind : Portion two
Design HKDS0504 HKDS5714 HKDS1004 HKDS1504 HKDS2004
Potential(T) 5T 7.5T 10T 15T 20T
Elevate Top12m 9mVelocity  (m/min) 50Hz 6.7 six.7 5 2.5 two.five
60Hz eight 8 six 3 3
Motor Energy(Kw) 50Hz seven.five nine 11 thirteen 15
60Hz 7.five 9 11 13 fifteen
Rotation Speed (one)50Hz:1380 r/min (two)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Present 15.six 19 22 27.5 thirty.five
Motor Poles four four four 4 4
Single Rail Trolley Velocity  (m/min) 50Hz 1421 14fourteen1421 1421
60Hz sixteen25 sixteentwenty five sixteen25 sixteen25 1625
Motor Power(Kw) 50Hz .75 .seventy five*2 .75*2 .75*two .seventy five*2
60Hz .seventy five .75*2 .75*2 .75*2 .seventy five*two
Rotation Velocity (1)50Hz:1380 r/min (2)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Recent 2.2 two.two 2.2 two.two 2.2
Motor Poles four four 4 four four
Min. Curve Radius(m) 3 three Straight Line Straight Line Straight Line
Wire Rope Rope Slide No.(Pcs.) two/four two/four 2/4 one/4 one/4
Composition 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC
Dia.(mm) Ø12 Ø14 Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Voltage/Phase/Frequency 200V–600V/3Phase/50Hz or 60Hz Handle Voltage:36V/48V/110V
Function Class M4


(2).one: HKDD — CZPT Rail Kind : Component one
Model HKDD5712 HKDD0302 HKDD5714 HKDD0304 HKDD0504 HKDD5714
Ability(T) 2T 3T 2T 3T 5T seven.5T
Carry Height12m 9mVelocity  (m/min) 50Hz six or 8.4 seven.five 6 or 8.4 seven.5 six.7
60Hz 7 or ten 9 7 or ten 9 8 eight
Motor Energy(Kw) 50Hz 3 five.five three 5.5 7.5 9
60Hz three 5.5 3 5.5 seven.5 nine
Rotation Velocity (one)50Hz:1380 r/min (two)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Present six.forty four twelve.8 six.44 twelve.8 fifteen.six 19
Motor Poles 4 four 4 4 four 4
CZPT Rail  Trolley Velocity  (m/min) 50Hz 1421 fourteen21 fourteen1421 1421 141625 sixteen25 16twenty five 1625 sixteen25 sixteen25
Motor Electricity(Kw) 50Hz .four .4 .four .4 .75 .75*two
60Hz .4 .four .4 .four .75 .75*two
Rotation Velocity (one)50Hz:1380 r/min (2)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Recent 1.5 1.five 1.5 1.5 two.two 2.two
Motor Poles 4 4 four 4 four 4
Wire Rope Rope Slide No.(Pcs.) one/two 1/2 two/four two/4 two/4 two/four
Composition 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(19)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC
Dia.(mm) Ø12 Ø14 Ø8 Ø10 Ø12 Ø14
Voltage/Stage/Frequency 200V–600V/3Phase/50Hz or 60Hz Hand Handle Voltage:36V/48V/110V
Operate Class M4
(2).two: HKDD — CZPT Rail Type : Part 2
Design HKDD1004 HKDD1504 HKDD2004      
Capability(T) 10T 15T 20T      
Raise Peak12m      
                                         CZPT Velocity  (m/min) 50Hz 5 2.5 two.5      
60Hz 6 3 3      
Motor Electrical power(Kw) 50Hz eleven 13 15      
60Hz eleven thirteen fifteen      
Rotation Speed (one)50Hz:1380 r/min (two)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Recent 22 27.5 30.five      
Motor Poles four four 4      
CZPT Rail Trolley Velocity  (m/min) 50Hz 141421 fourteensixteentwenty five 1625 sixteentwenty five      
Motor Electrical power(Kw) 50Hz .seventy five*two*two*2      
60Hz .75*two*2*two      
Rotation Pace (1)50Hz:1380 r/min (two)60Hz :1656 r/min
Motor Recent two.2 two 3      
Motor Poles four 4 four      
Wire Rope Rope Drop No.(Pcs.) two/4 1/four 1/4      
Composition 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC 6x(37)+FC      
Dia.(mm) Ø16 Ø18 Ø20      
Voltage/Section/Frequency 200V–600V/3Phase/50Hz or 60Hz Hand Manage Voltage:36V/48V/110V
Work Class M4

Notes **: Far more Total CZPT Parameters & Size Specification Catalogue , pls Make contact with us ,we will ship to you our latest Completely CZPT Datas by E-mail .
five..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPTs — Manufacturing facility Sights & Certificates :

6..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPTs — Packaging :
seven..For Related Products Selection :

1 ODM: CZPT Firm is the Expert Supply Company
2 CZPT Certificates: CE — ISO — SGS  Approved
three Brand  :  ELK® 
4 Manufacturing facility : 5 Senior Expert Engineers with a lot more than 20 years ordeals
five Manufacturing facility Area : Complete 6 Workshops  12000 M
6 Annual Output Price:1290 0000 USD—-2000 0000 USD
seven Regular monthly Output:3000–5000 Sets
eight Market  Percentage: 70% for Export–Entire world Marketplace / 30% for Sale–Residence Industry
nine Production  Scope :
(1) CZPT Chain CZPT with (Slipping Clutch) .5T———60T
(2) CZPT Wire Rope CZPT .5T———32T
(3) Crane Geared Motor with Buffer .25Kw—–three.75Kw
(4) Stop Truck .5T———-50T
(five) Crane Wheel Block GWPW95–GWPW545
(six) CZPT/Handbook Trolley .5T———-30T
(7) CZPT CZPT Parts:Remote Handle-Overload Protector And many others. .5T———-60T
(eight) Crane CZPT Areas:Energy Rail-C Keep track of-Cable Etc. .5T———-50T
(9) Single/CZPT Girder Crane  .5T———-50T
(10) Chain Block .5T———-20T
(eleven) Lever Block .5T———-9T

8..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPTs — Following-sale Solutions– inside 24 Hrs:
(one)….Just before–Sale Provider : 
01..High quality Control: Strictly Production Request foundation on signed contract
02..Delivery Time: Ensure within contracted shipping time
03..Images: Send images to our buyer right after end production and packing
04..Packing Details:Give total packing measurement table to our client
05..Brand name: Respect our customers’ advice to use our customers’ own brand name & logo
06..Documents:Give higher performance support to put up you all needed customs clearance files by DHL or TNT .  
(2)….Right after–Sale Services :  
01..Reply : Rapidly reply all your queries on line or by e-mail or by phone
02..Quality Issues:Our manufacturing facility is dependable for any problems if it is resulted by our causes (Such as give you free new components to repair it  or give adequate some compensation cost to you)
03..Safe Working: Pls remind your consumers to regard our Operating Manual to operate our device rightly, to assure Safe when run our machine
nine..ELK CZPT Wire Rope CZPTs –Factory Information & FAQ:
1.Are you manufacturer or trade Business?
–We are a factory established in 2571 Year . 
2.How about sample & MOQ policy?
–Welcome sample buy. MOQ can be 1 set. 
3.What is your direct time for your merchandise?
–Usually 15 days soon after confirmed get. ten days could be CZPT for some objects in adequate stock and common demands, and 30 times during new year and hot season ( Jan to March).
four.What must I provide when inquiry?
–The much more information you give, the exact solution we can prepare for you! 
A- Lifting ability:       Ton?
B- Lifting height::         m?
C- What is your:  working  setting?
D- What is Voltage–Section–Frequency — Hand Management Voltage :                   ?.
5.How about the allocations of ELK hoists?
–Except basic hoist, we also supply hoist with repeatedly variable transmission, overload limiter, thermal protector, slipping clutch and remote control as you needed. 


Hkds0102s Manufacturer Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Motor Hoist Construction Hoist, Crane, Mini Crane, Double Girder, Md1


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