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YB3 explosion-proof motor

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  • YB3 explosion-proof motor

YB3 explosion-proof motor overview
Yb3 series explosion-proof motor is a fully enclosed, self fan cooled, squirrel cage, flame-proof three-phase asynchronous motor developed by our company on the basis of reference industry unified design. The efficiency of Yb3 explosion-proof motor is in accordance with the energy-saving evaluation value standard in GB 18613-2012 "limited value of energy efficiency and energy-saving evaluation value of small and medium three-phase asynchronous motor", and the efficiency reaches the national level 3 energy efficiency standard.
The power level and installation dimensions of YB3 explosion-proof motors conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, and the corresponding relationship is the same as the German DIN42673 standard, which is conducive to the matching of export equipment and the replacement of imported equipment.
The explosion-proof performance of Yb3 series explosion-proof motor conforms to gb3836.1-2010 "explosive environment Part 1: General requirements for equipment" and gb3836.2-2010 "explosive environment Part 2: equipment protected by flameproof enclosure" d ", and also conforms to iec79-1, bs4683 and en50018. The explosion-proof sign is Exd Ⅱ BT4, which is suitable for places with explosive gas mixture.
On the basis of Yb3 explosion-proof motor, it can also be made into yb3-w outdoor explosion-proof motor, yb3-th wet tropical explosion-proof motor, yb3-thw outdoor wet tropical explosion-proof motor, yb3-ta dry tropical explosion-proof motor, yb3-taw outdoor dry tropical explosion-proof motor, yb3-t tropical explosion-proof motor, yb3-tw outdoor tropical explosion-proof motor and yb3-wf1 outdoor medium anti-corrosion explosion-proof motor .
YB3 explosion-proof motor product advantages
YB3 explosion-proof motor is a new product successfully developed and developed on the basis of YB and YB2 series explosion-proof motors combined with current domestic and foreign new technologies in electromagnetic structure, technology, and materials. It has high efficiency and energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long life, Good performance, low noise, advanced explosion-proof structure, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance, etc.
YB3 explosion-proof motor product technical conditions
Frame number: 80~355
Power: 0.55~315kW
Protection level: IP55
Energy efficiency rating: IE2 (GB18613-2012 level 3)
Applicable to: underground coal mines (non-excavation working face) (Exd I) and factories (Exd II AT4, Exd II BT4) containing methane or other gas or coal dust containing combustible gases of Class II A and B T1~T4 groups or Place where steam and air form an explosive mixture.
Ambient temperature: The ambient temperature is -15℃~35℃ (under coal mine) or -15℃~40℃ (factory)
Features: The explosion-proof signs are Exd I, Exd II AT4, Exd II BT4, and the junction box shell is made of three or six outlet terminals respectively, which is suitable for two structures of rubber sheathed cable (or plastic cable) and steel pipe wiring.
Rated voltage:380V、660V、380V/660VYB3
Explosion-proof motor technical data
YB3 explosion-proof motor data 1YB3 explosion-proof motor data 2YB3 explosion-proof motor data 3YB3 explosion-proof motor data 4

YB3 explosion-proof motor ordering guide
1. The data in the YB3 explosion-proof motor sample is allowed to change with technological progress without notice.
2. Please specify the explosion-proof motor model, power, synchronous speed, voltage, frequency, structure and installation method, explosion-proof mark, explosion-proof grade and direction of the junction box when ordering.
3. If you have special requirements for explosion-proof motors, such as voltage, frequency, protection level, shaft length, altitude and other special circumstances, please specify when ordering.
4. If you don’t know how to select an explosion-proof motor that suits you, please call +390522160638 and we will assist you in selecting the type.

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