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Explosion-proof lifting equipment and solutions to special problems

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In order to provide economical lifting equipment for facilities used in explosive hazardous locations, new products should try their best to achieve the same purpose of use in hazardous locations and non-hazardous locations.The parts that have no effect on explosion-proof requirements should have the greatest interchangeability.Then, the parts that have an impact on the explosion-proof requirements can be replaced or redesigned to achieve the required explosion-proof level, so that the complete set of equipment conforms to the regulations and the guidelines issued by the corresponding trade or professional associations.The richness of the manufacturer's experience will be reflected in the design structure and affect the safety of the equipment.Considering the existing standards or if the testing agency agrees, the components that play an important role in the explosion-proof level may be the issue to be studied in the type test certificate or approved materials.According to the experience of paper mills, it is particularly important to modify the existing components that are not required for approval or to modify the existing components that are qualified for use without compromising the validity of the certificate.The applications of explosion-proof cranes are often so special that standard structures cannot be used.Experience has shown that for the following applications, it is necessary to partially rely on existing standards for modification:

a) Low temperature

b) High temperature

c) Terminal ship facilities

d) Offshore oil production platform facilities

e) Equipment for dust explosion hazardous locations

f) Equipment for storage and transportation of explosive materials

g) Facilities for Zone 2 sites

h) Combined machinery with different special structural features

The necessity of modification depends on the difference between the two dangerous substances or the difference between the two environments.This article does not discuss the structure of standardized lifting equipment that is inspected and approved according to normal gas-air mixtures.

The term "lifting equipment" that is frequently used should be clearly defined so that people can understand the scope of application of existing components.Generally, the lifting crane equipment designed by the metallurgical department includes a mobile gantry crane with a drive mechanism, a traverse winch with a drive mechanism and a running winch installed on a winch, an electric rope winch or a chain winch.

The electrical components most affected by explosion-proof requirements are three-phase squirrel cagesBrake motor, Control equipment housing, wiring accessories, control switches and limit switches.Drum winches need to use the listed parts that are most of the necessary parts.The lifting equipment ranges from a relatively simple electric chain crane with a lifting capacity of 125 kg to a complete crane system with a lifting capacity of 50 tons per drum.


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