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High temperature motor

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  • High temperature motor

XNUMX. Overview of high temperature motors
The high-temperature motor adopts advanced design technology and is made of high-temperature-resistant insulating materials. It can ensure the safe operation of the motor in a high-temperature environment without aging or burning. Although there are not many companies producing high-temperature motors in China, high-temperature motors have a wide range of applications. , The market prospects are promising.Its motor performance is the root
It is designed according to the characteristics of fan and pump load, which can save energy and insulation structure.Reinforced insulation can be used for long-term continuous forward and reverse cycle operation under the water vapor atmosphere of high temperature and high humidity wood precipitates, so as to ensure reliable insulation and increase service life. The motor adopts keyway and threaded types to facilitate fan impellers
Loading and unloading; in order to improve its own water vapor and wood dust resistance.
Second, the structure of high-temperature motors
The main structure of high temperature motor is inseparable from the following parts:
1. Stator core (made of laminated thin silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 0.35mm~0.5mm coated with insulating paint on the surface, which reduces the core eddy current loss caused by the passage of alternating magnetic flux. The inner circle of the core has evenly distributed slots , Used to embed the stator winding);
2. Rotor core (made of laminated silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 0.5mm, sleeved on the shaft, the function is the same as the stator core, on the one hand as a part of the high-temperature motor magnetic circuit, on the other hand used to place the rotor winding)
3. Stator winding (three-phase winding is composed of three independent windings, and each winding is connected by several coils. The coils are wound by insulated copper wires or insulated aluminum wires.)
4. Rotor winding (winding and cage)
5. Machine base, terminal, shaft and bearing, etc.
XNUMX. Features of high temperature motor
1. The high-temperature motor adopts fashionable aluminum alloy appearance design and beautiful appearance.
2. Use high-precision bearings, special bearing grease, low noise and low vibration.
3. Use high-tech design to reduce the electromagnetic load of the motor and improve the high-performance efficiency of the motor.
4. The high-temperature motor uses high-temperature resistant H-class insulation materials to ensure the safe operation of the motor in a high-temperature environment. It does not age or burn out.
5. Use advanced thermodynamic analysis method for structural design.
6. The shaft of the high temperature motor can be customized according to customer requirements, and can be lengthened or shortened.The shaft materials are stainless steel shaft and chrome steel shaft.
XNUMX. Introduction of high temperature motor torque
Simply put, it is the magnitude of the force of rotation.Torque is a kind of moment, and the definition of moment in physics is: moment = force x moment arm.The force arm here can be regarded as the turning radius of the object driven by the motor.If the torque of the motor is too small, the object to be brought cannot be moved, which means that the "strength" of the motor is not strong enough.In layman's terms, the strength of the motor to drive the mechanical rotation is the torque of the motor, the torque of the motor = the force of the pulley to drag the belt X the radius of the pulley.But the torque of the motor is proportional to the strength of the rotating magnetic field and the current in the rotor cage.It is proportional to the square of the power supply voltage, so the torque is determined by current and voltage factors.
Five, the advantages and disadvantages of high temperature motors
Advantages of high temperature motors:
(1) Work safety, with explosion-proof performance, and not affected by high temperature and vibration;
(2) It can work with full load for a long time, and the temperature rise is small;
(3) The power range and speed range are relatively wide, the power is as small as a few hundred watts, as large as tens of thousands of watts; the speed can be increased from a few revolutions per minute.
(4) Has a higher starting torque.Can start with load;
(5) Simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and low cost
Disadvantages of high temperature motors:
(1) Poor speed stability;
(2) The output power is small, the efficiency is low, and the gas consumption is large;
(3) The noise is large and it is easy to produce vibration.
Six, the basic method of high-temperature motor selection
1. High temperature motor parameters: first understand the specifications and models of the motor, functional characteristics, protection type, rated voltage, rated current, rated power, power frequency, insulation class, etc.These contents can basically provide a reference basis for the user to correctly choose the protector.
2. Environmental conditions: Mainly refer to room temperature, high temperature, high cold, corrosion, vibration, sandstorm, altitude, electromagnetic pollution, etc.
3. Use of high temperature motor: mainly refers to the required characteristics of dragging mechanical equipment.
4. High temperature electric mechanism mode: control modes include manual, automatic, local control, remote control, stand-alone independent operation, centralized control of production lines, etc.Start-up methods include direct, step-down, star angle, frequency sensitive rheostat, frequency converter, soft start, etc.
5. Other aspects: the user's monitoring and management of on-site production, the severity of the impact of abnormal shutdowns on production, etc.

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