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Frequency conversion explosion-proof motor

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  • Frequency conversion explosion-proof motor

XNUMX. Overview of frequency conversion explosion-proof motors
The frequency conversion explosion-proof motor is a new product successfully developed by our company on the basis of the YB3 explosion-proof motor combined with the current domestic and foreign electromagnetic structure, process, material and other new technologies. It has good speed regulation performance, energy saving, large temperature rise margin, It has the advantages of long life, good performance, low noise, advanced explosion-proof structure, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It can be used with various frequency conversion devices at home and abroad to help save energy and realize automatic control.Its rated power, rated speed and installation dimensions are the same as YB3 series explosion-proof motors.
The frequency conversion explosion-proof motor meets the industry standard of gb755-2000 "rating and performance of rotating electrical machines" JB / t7565.1-2004 "technical conditions for Yb3 series flame-proof three-phase asynchronous motor (stand number h100-355)". Its explosion-proof performance conforms to gb3836.1-2000 "electrical equipment for explosive gas environment Part 1: General requirements" and gb3836.2-2000 "electrical equipment for explosive gas environment Part 2: flameproof type" d ". It is made into flameproof type exdi, exdiiat4 and ExdIIBT4 respectively. It is suitable for explosion of class IIa and IIB, temperature group T1 ~ T4, underground coal mine (non mining working face) and factory Dangerous place in the environment of toxic gas.
The enclosure protection grade of the frequency conversion explosion-proof motor is IP54 or IP55, and the cooling method is IC416.
The frequency conversion explosion-proof motor can also be made into humid tropical type, dry tropical type, outdoor type, outdoor anti-medium corrosion type and outdoor humid heat type.
Second, the use conditions of the frequency conversion explosion-proof motor
Altitude: suitable for the altitude not exceeding 1000 meters
Ambient air temperature: the lowest ambient air temperature is - 15 ℃, and the highest ambient air temperature is 35 ℃ (underground coal mine) or 40 ℃ (factory). The maximum relative humidity of the ambient air is not more than 95% (when the temperature is 25 ℃) (underground coal mine) or the average relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the average minimum temperature of the month is not more than 25 ℃ (factory).
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Working mode: continuous working system (S1)
XNUMX. Structure description of frequency conversion explosion-proof motor
The frequency conversion explosion-proof motor adopts computer-aided design, so that the motor can adapt to the condition of SPWM and PWM frequency conversion power supply. Special consideration is made in the design of the stator, rotor slot type and stator winding distribution form to obtain a more suitable inductance value. Suppress and reduce the harmful effects of harmonics.The electromagnetic load design of the frequency conversion explosion-proof motor considers a certain margin, which can not only ensure the overload capacity of the motor at high frequency, but also maintain constant torque output at low frequency operation.In addition, the motor insulation system adopts the F-class insulation system widely used internationally, with reliable insulation and excellent performance.In terms of structural design, its installation dimensions are the same as YB2 series motors, which is convenient for users to use.The frequency conversion explosion-proof motor uses a separate axial fan for forced ventilation to ensure that the motor has a good cooling effect when running at different speeds.
XNUMX. Technical parameters of frequency conversion explosion-proof motor
Rated voltage: 380V, 660V, 380V/660V
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Power range: 0.55KW-315KW
Protection level: IP55
Insulation class: Class F
Installation and dimensions: same as YB3

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