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Double brake three-phase asynchronous motor

Release time:2020-06-11 18:08Popularity:
  • Double brake motor

product description:
The DC disc brake of the YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor is installed on the end cover of the non-shaft extension end of the motor.When the brake motor is connected to the power source, the brake also works at the same time.Due to the electromagnetic attraction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and compresses the spring, the brake disc is disengaged from the armature end cover, and the motor starts to run.When the power is cut off, the brake electromagnet loses its magnetic attraction, and the spring pushes the armature to compress the brake disc. Under the action of the friction torque, the motor stops immediately.
Technical data:

1. Altitude: no more than 1000 meters
2. The ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, but does not exceed +40℃, not below -15℃, and can not start more than 6 times per minute
3. Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz;
5. Connection method: Y connection method for power of 3 kW and below, △ connection method for 4 kW and above
6. YEJ brake motor B3/B5 working mode: S1
7. Insulation class: Class B, Class F
8. Protection level: IP44, IP54 or IP55
Note: Imported bearings can be used according to requirements, and fixed bearings for the driver.

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