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YVPEJ variable frequency brake three-phase asynchronous motor

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  • Variable frequency brake three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Brake variable frequency speed regulating motor

Brief introduction of YVPEJ variable frequency braking three-phase asynchronous motor:
YVPEJ series variable frequency braking three-phase asynchronous electric motor is a combination of YVF2 series variable frequency speed regulating motor and electromagnetic brake. It is a fully enclosed self-fan-cooled squirrel cage type three-phase asynchronous motor with an additional disc type DC brake.In addition, the brake also has a manual release mechanism, which has the advantages of wide stepless speed regulation, fast braking speed, accurate positioning, etc., and is more suitable for machinery, mining, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, agricultural machinery, etc., which require stepless speed change and fast speed Stopped and accurately positioned equipment; it can replace the stepless speed changer in mechanical transmission.
The operating conditions and electrical parameters are consistent with the technical parameters of the YVF2 series frequency-variable three-phase asynchronous motors with the same frame size; the braking torque is consistent with the braking torque of the YEJ series brake three-phase asynchronous motors with the same frame size.
Characteristics of YVPEJ variable frequency brake motor:
The YVPEJ variable frequency electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor has both the performance of a variable frequency motor and a brake motor, which can not only achieve rapid braking after the motor loses power, but also has the advantages of a variable frequency motor.
The main technical performance of YVPEJ variable frequency braking three-phase asynchronous motor is as follows:
1. The rated voltage of the motor is three-phase 380v, and the rated frequency is 50Hz.The voltage and frequency of the rated point can also be determined according to customer requirements;
2. The motor has a wide range of speed regulation. 5(3)~100Hz is stepless speed regulation, 5(3)~50Hz is constant torque speed regulation, and 50~100Hz is constant power speed regulation. Under the condition of vector control, adjust The speed range can also be large;
4. Strong overload capacity, the motor can withstand 160% overload of the rated torque for 1 minute;
5. Good low-speed performance, smooth torque at low speed, no creeping phenomenon;
6. In terms of structure, the installation dimensions of YVPEJ series are the same as Y2 series, so as to facilitate users' matching and selection.The motor adopts a unique cooling structure and uses a special elongated axial flow fan to ensure that the temperature rise of the motor does not exceed the allowable value during long-term operation at low frequency and constant torque;
7.The number of motor poles is 4, 6, 8, 8. According to the special needs of customers, the motor can also add encoder for accurate speed measurement of the motor.
YVPEJ series variable frequency braking three-phase asynchronous motors can be widely used in machine tools, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery.
YVPEJ series frequency conversion electromagnetic brake motor operating conditions
1. The ambient temperature does not exceed -15℃~40℃
2. The altitude does not exceed 1000m
3. Motor protection grade IP54 or IP55
4. Rated voltage 380(220)V±10%
5. Work system: continuous S1
6. Motor insulation class: Class F
7. Rated frequency 50Hz

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